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DEK GmbH- Deutsche Echtheitskommission GmbH


DEK GmbH was founded in 2008. In 2010 DEK GmbH was split from DEK e.V. as a separate commercial entity.

DEK GmbH ensures the continued availability of the necessary auxiliary products for testing the colour fastness of textiles according to DIN EN ISO-105/ISO-105 standards.

The above named products are available through Beuth Verlag GmbH/ Berlin and TESTEX Prüftextilien/Bad Münstereifel (see Sale).



Produktflyer Lichtechtheitsprüfung

Important information to carry out
ISO 105/DIN EN ISO 105-B series tests
for Colour Fastness to Light and Weathering
using standard reference materials of the
German Colour Fastness Committee - DEK.







Deutsche Echtheits-kommission - DEK e.V. & GmbH

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October 2010

The grey scales are being new produced and are available in all versions.

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